The Track Web App


You play our treasure hunts with a self-developed web app: the This is an app that works through your smartphone browser. So you don't have to install anything from the AppStore or PlayStore. You open a web browser on your phone and go to . You log in with the game code that you receive with an order. Doesn't that sound very easy and simple?

Message box

With the message box you receive or send messages to and from our game computer. Julie receives directions, hints, questions and/or assignments. You send answers to questions or assignments. Sending and receiving messages can best be compared to, for example, WhatsApp.

Interactive map

Various hotspots are shown on the interactive map. Hotspots are virtual places on the Wadden Island. With the you can check in these hotspots, that is, let you know that you are near such a virtual place. After a hotspot is checked in, you may receive a question or assignment or new hotspots will appear. This is how a game develops during the quest.

Photo clues

Some hotspots require photos to be found that provide clues for an assignment. Find the correct picture on the spot and use the clue. Very nice for children to help find the pictures!

Live leaderboard

Via the menu of the you can easily link another team with the game code of the other team. When you link a team, the live ranking tab becomes available in the button bar. The live ranking gives an overview of the score, team name and team photo of all linked teams. In addition, the score of the numbers 1, 2 and 3 is displayed as a gold, silver and bronze medal. Super fun if, for example, you are searching with several teams during a family day or outing with a group of friends!


  • Interactive quests
  • Bookable online
  • On the road within 5 minutes
  • Everything in your own hands
  • Start at any time
  • Play at your own pace
  • Teams against each other (competition)