GPS navigation tips

The Waddenspelen quests use the smartphone 's GPS. We are happy to give you an explanation and a number of tips so that you can start the treasure hunt fully prepared.


  • To start the scavenger hunt well prepared, you can already log in to the scavenger hunt at home and turn on the GPS on the interactive map
  • The GPS on your smartphone needs time to get a so-called fix. The moment the GPS has a fix, the GPS becomes accurate, you can use it and play the scavenger hunt
  • Allow the browser on your smartphone to use the GPS. If you have not done so, a red line will appear through the GPS icon
  • In cities between (tall) buildings it takes longer before the GPS has a fix, it is best to stand on a square
  • TEST YOURSELF >>> Via you can test yourself whether your smartphone is suitable for our quests. Open this page, click on the GPS icon and give permission. If a blue dot appears on the map with your position, your smartphone is suitable


  • Make sure that your iPhone's browser (the Safari browser) is allowed to use your GPS. You give permission for this when you use the for the first time
  • In the unlikely event that it does not work, check the following 2 settings
  • Settings > Location Services > Safari Sites

iPhone GPS explanation

  • Settings > Safari > Location > Allow (checked)
  • Sometimes it helps with an iPhone to remove the tracker app from the memory: double click on the home button and then swipe up


  • You can best play our quests with the Google Chrome browser
  • Allow your browser to use the GPS when prompted

If you encounter problems before or during the scavenger hunt, don't panic, you can always contact us we are happy to help you.